Business Funding for $3 Million or More

Kove Capital has a 10-year track record of successfully helping clients grow their businesses by connecting them to strategic capital and acquiring companies. We have an extensive network of private and institutional partners that can fund a business with three million dollars or more. Besides business funding, companies around North America trust us to close deals and see to the successful completion of post-merger transitions.

Our partners add significant value to our clients because they are always up to date with the latest trends in the market and technology. Our team will help the client if they are trying to figure out how to sell a business via strategic partnering or through a multinational corporation that wishes to buy out companies. Kove has helped many clients secure deals in various industries such as:

  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Information technology
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Food and beverage
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Business Funding for $3 Million


Phase 1: Strategy

Our team carries out extensive market research and strategic development aimed at meeting the business goals of the client. The team then targets the appropriate businesses after conclusive research.


Phase 2: Value and Due Diligence

Our financial experts will do a preliminary valuation and review other key aspects of the target company such as assessing the synergy valuation, cultural issues and program development and come up with a suitable plan in relation to their findings.


Phase 3: Structure, Negotiations and Closure

Kove puts the client first and that is why we will structure the financial and legal details of a deal before further negotiations with the target company. Once both parties are on board with the deal, the final contract will be drafted and closed.


Phase 4: Integration

A merger is hard to process and even harder to finalize is the integration of two organizations. However, because we have years of experience with numerous mergers and client acquisitions, our team is better positioned to help a firm implement the most effective strategies to sustain strong management, merge two cultures effectively, offer excellent customer service and increase shareholder value.

Selling A Business

Our deep understanding of business goals and strategies enables us to quickly pinpoint and select the best buyers for clients who want to sell their businesses. However, our services transcend finding buyers because we also consider the less obvious investors that would be interested in a business opportunity set at a higher value. Our primary aim is to ensure our clients get the best terms and prices for their businesses. We work with clients to obtain their business details, company value and a conclusive researched

market environment once a potential buyer has been found to ensure clients get the maximum transaction value. Our financial experts work closely with our clients to make sure they have the necessary documents and systems in place to swiftly and smoothly sell their businesses. Finally, the gathered information is presented to the final buyer. Kove guides its new clients through the whole process of selling their businesses. Our vast experience and network effectively helps our clients both time and money.

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Our Services

Business funding for three million or more

Companies can leverage our vast network of private or institutional partners since it is usually a difficult and time-consuming endeavour to determine the structure of capital and secure proper business funding. By doing so, firms become able to grow their business in a number of ways such as the effective expansion of office locations, financing larger facilities, hiring more employees or developing new lines of products. It is important that the client gets the right capital structure after we match them with the most strategic capital partners. Our financial experts come in handy by helping the clients determine the right debt or equity depending on the current market and the client’s business goals.

Business Funding
Acquisition Valuation

Acquisition Valuation Services

Strategic acquisitions can help companies grow faster and get more market share for less money than the traditional methods of growth. One of the most common mistakes in business is overpaying for a company without anticipating the potential risks that come with the merger. Our specialists help clients get the best possible prices and further assist them in assessing the possible scenarios in the complex process. We make sure to evaluate every business aspect including the prospective performance of the business, intangible assets, market factors and the management team. One of the biggest steps in a merger process is determining company valuation for acquisition. It is possible to identify the right target firm matching growth strategies, income diversification and financial synergy.

Total Mergers and Acquisition Solution

Mergers and acquisitions are very complex and overwhelming processes. But Kove specialists work effectively and closely with clients to make these processes as smooth as possible by connecting them with the most strategic partners. First, Kove consults with the business in order to obtain an understanding of their goals and corporate culture. Afterwards, Kove experts conduct a thorough research on the financial and operational details to ensure everything aligns with the goals of its clients in a bid to maximize on value. We always work towards structuring details for long term success by diving data and developing the most suitable strategies at every phase while considering business markets and technologies that are always changing. Kove explains all possible scenarios to the client and counsel on how best to move forward.

Total Mergers And Acquisition Solution

Our Team

Kove focuses all its work on the success of its clients. Our dedicated team has decades of experience and collaborates closely with clients to help them meet their goals. Clients are served at all stages of the business growth and transition courtesy of a strategic partnership development and business funding. We match our professionals with clients depending on the industry expertise to make sure they get the best possible outcomes.

Our team entails the Board of Directors of public and private companies, Chartered Accountants, serial entrepreneurs and tech specialists. We take pride in having a mix of technical, operational and financial skills necessary to secure funding, valuation, strategy and facilitate business governance that is necessary for growth.

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