Business Funding For $3 Million Or More

Tap into our vast network of private and institutional lenders to get the capital you require to grow your business. When clients work with us to secure $3 million or more in business funding, companies scaled their businesses by expanding their facilities, acquiring another company, financing a large facility and growing the product lines. It takes significant amount of time, money and effort to look for the right people to access business funding and that is why companies turn to us to find the right capital partners. Our team of financial and strategic experts get rid of the costly risk of getting a bad deal for your company.

Business Funding on the Right Terms

It is hard to secure capital but even harder to get capital with the right terms. It is essential to get the right structure the first time. Our team of strategic and financial experts will assist you in determining the right debt and equity ratio necessary to meet the present and future goals of the company. First, companies tell use of all aspects of their business including the strength of their relationships with customers, partnership with suppliers and cash flow in order for us to find the best source for business funding. Kove Capital has developed a reputation of uncovering hidden opportunities in the endeavour to fine-tune the process of mergers and company acquisitions.

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Benefits of Business Funding

Companies can leverage our exclusive network of private and institutional letters when seeking business funding. These letters come with numerous advantages.

Easy and Fast access to business funding

Companies find it cumbersome to secure a $3 million or more loan for growth when using the traditional method because it is time-consuming as it involves loads of paperwork and delays. Secondly, these loans usually take more than weeks and even months to get approved that result in the loss of growth opportunities as well as profits. Our partners simplify the process of obtaining loans with fewer requirements involved to access the capital required to scale a business. Our network focuses on the ability of a company to repay the loan and companies get instant access to capital once all the pertinent information is evaluated and approved by our partners.

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Minimize the Equity you give up

Companies trust us to develop the best debt or equity ratio whenever we are structuring deals for business funding. At Kove Capital, we analyse every aspect of a business to see the possibility of getting access to loans needed to fulfil short term needs so that clients do not have to give up too much equity in the endeavour.

Flexible Repayment Options

Companies are more flexible to work with our partners towards creating a customized repayment plan once they gain access to business funding. Our partners are well vetted and open to collaboration throughout the entire process. Connecting with us for business funding allows companies access capital faster and boost their business growth with more staff, facilities, inventory or marketing.

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